Generous Gardening

  Every yard, every little corner, balcony, patio, or deck can offer up the magic of functional design, and beauty. Your new outdoor room and garden will soon be the favorite gathering place of your home.  Let's create a cozy fire pit for winter, BBQ days in summer, beautiful colors in autumn, and the first flowers of spring.  From large properties to window gardens, from patios to schools we can create the garden of your dreams.

Image by Felipe Santana

Garden Design and Consultation

Let's talk plants, gardens, and designing your beautiful outdoor space.  I believe the garden can be generous to you and back to our planet.  As part of this core value we incorporate native plants, and pollinator friendly options into designs.  In the Pacific Northwest we have hummingbirds - in particular the vibrant Anna's hummingbirds as year round residents.  In the winter when we most need brightness the hummingbirds need food sources and there are some truly spectacular plants we can weave into your yard to keep the hummingbirds coming!



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