Beauty Helps.  

The simplest I can distill all the science and research into, all the stories and experiences of so many humans is this:  Beauty Helps.  In the middle of my hardest moments fighting stage 4 cancer the garden regrounded me.   


Eco- Psychology, and Horticulture Therapy can both teach us all about the power of being in nature, the delights of slowing down and watching the garden grow.  Being immersed in beauty can restore your margin, literally calm your nervous system, and help you be more present in all of your life.   So let's grow some beauty and some hope in your yard, on your balcony, at your office, or wherever you have a spot to call your own.  

This is why I started Beauty Grows Hope - my YouTube Channel - come check it out - I would love to have you join me in celebrating all the delights of the garden!