Generous Gardening

Design ~ Abundance ~ Beauty

 We can create a place to savor the whole year outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest.  Every yard, every little corner, balcony, patio, or deck can offer up the magic of functional design, and beauty. Your new outdoor room and garden will soon be the favorite gathering place of your home.  Let's create a cozy fire pit for winter, BBQ days in summer, beautiful colors in autumn, and the first flowers of spring.   Your new outdoor room and garden will soon be the favorite gathering place of your home.  From large properties to window gardens, from patios to schools we can create the garden of your dreams.

Image by Felipe Santana

Garden Design and Consultation

A one hour garden consultation is 100 dollars.  The fee is waived if you decide to create a new garden or outdoor room with Generous Gardening LLC.


Don't forget your nose - what does your dream Garden smell like?

Its spring - its beautiful and you are itching to make something new grow outside your front door or on your balcony. As you look at eye catching picture of plants - don't forget your sense of smell. I'm personally enchanted right now with scents.

There are many things that a great story or beatiful picture can offer you - but there is no replacement for the wonderful fragrance of a rose or Jasmine on a summer afternoon. So plant that night- blooming phlox, or Moonflower, or any other mysterious and wonderful scented plant to create an elixir of unbottled fragrance in your own little corner of earth.


Thank-you! We will talk soon!